Artist Research : Robert Frank

Robert Frank was a Swedish photographer who I discovered through his most famous work ‘The Americans. I find it particularly interesting looking at a culture through the eyes of someone who was brought up in a different one. Although I don’t use film much myself, I’m interested in looking at the progression of film cameras and photography. I think that Frank is a good place to start in this exploration.

A brief biography

frank15“Movie premiere, Hollywood”

This image is arguably one of his most famous works. I like that it isn’t what you would initially expect when you look at it. In that, I mean that the depth of field is relatively wide, meaning that the ‘star’ is out of focus. This is interesting as it enables us, as the audience, to look at the facial expressions of the fans as opposed to the expected image of the ‘star’.

b75224c7-39f0-4123-ac78-e1772149fe0b-2060x1363“Robert Frank in America”

I like the documentary nature of this as it doesn’t show anything of particular significance, but equally it demonstrates the culture within that part of America at the time through both the women pictured, and the setting they have been pictured in.

d0bc5cee-66b7-4aee-9456-b5bd4876f0e4-2060x1376“Robert Frank in America”

I really like the use of  light and reflections in this image. Again, I feel like this gives us as the audience an insight to the American culture at the time (The kinds of lights and public transport etc.) The face being in the centre of the image provides more of a focal point which I think adds more interest to the image.

I found this article from 2014 about Frank hitting 90, and I found it an interesting read

Robert Frank at 90

“There’s no point in it anymore for me, and I get no satisfaction from trying to do it. There are too many pictures now. Its overwhelming.”

The article indicates Frank’s sadness at the progressing technology as well as appreciating his work for what it was and the time it was shot.

0c6e35eb508dfd1c613c55158a7ba1d8“Robert Frank in America”







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