Using Flash Photography

After researching photographers that use flash photography in varying ways, I experimented with using a speed light for the first time with different aperture settings. I later experimented with different shutter speeds too.


For this image, I used a shallow depth of field with a speed light. I used an F stop of 22 to create the black surrounding area. The hot spot on the subjects’ nose and cheek indicate that the flash was used.


In contrast, I used an F stop of 18 which caused the background to be lighter. I also used a slightly different zoom (40mm as opposed to 60mm in the first image) which likely helped to brighten the image. Again the hotspots on the subjects nose indicate my use of flash.


This image used an F stop of 13. I did this as I was outside so naturally needed to lighten the image. I also lowered the ISO to 160 (in the previous images it was on 250). This change in F stop along with the continual use of the speed light enabled a more obvious contrast in colours within the image.


For the first image, I used an F stop of 5.6 which made the background considerably lighter. I used a manual focus to ensure that the depth of field was shallow.  With the use of flash, the contrast in colours in this image makes the image seem more saturated. Again, the hotspots on the subjects’ face (mainly her nose) show use of flash.

The second image has a similar level of contrast, except I used a higher F stop of 10, which made the background slightly darker. Although the flash was used on this image too, the hotspots aren’t as clear. This may be due to the white on the subjects’ top.

Finally, I started to experiment with a slightly longer shutter speed alongside the flash to show movement.


For this image, I used an F stop of 20 which along with a flash. I used a shutter speed of 1/25 seconds (as opposed to 1/160 which I was using in all of the other images). This created the movement effect I wanted to achieve.

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