Story Assignment – UOG Boxing Shoot 2

Last Thursday I went back to the UOG boxing gym. I intend on going back weekly; trying new techniques, angles and hopefully photographing different people. In class on Thursday, we worked on bounce flash. I thought this would work in the gym as the ceilings are low. As well as this, because the gym is dark, by using bounce flash it reduced the noise in my photographs.

This was one of the first images of the night. Its using an ISO of 1000. I borrowed a speed light from the university for this shoot, and used it on its TTL setting. I bounced the flash off the ceiling for this shot which enabled the whole shot to be brighter.


I used a similar bounce flash in both of these images. I like the first image because it gives context to the rest of the pictures. The first image was taken using an ISO of 1000 and the second with an ISO of 800. I think this is clear because of the difference in lighting.

Unfortunately, about 30 minutes into my shoot, the flash stopped working. This was frustrating as my intention for the shoot was to experiment with bounce flash. However I didn’t want to waste the shoot; so like the week before, I tried using my on camera pop up flash and experimented with ISO to improve lighting.

Both of these images were taken after my speed light stopped working. Again, I like the context that the first image provides. I used flash in both of them which enabled me to freeze movement (more evident in the second image). I particularly like how sharp the shadow is in the second image as well as the fact that the subject is completely frozen. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the aid of flash (even though this was done using only my camera’s pop up flash. It’s also worth noting that the first image is considerably more noisy because I used a much lower ISO of 400 (in comparison to an ISO of 800 in the second image).

dsc_5566Boxer resting between timed rounds


When the flash stopped working, I tried to get more portrait shots or shots with less movement generally as I knew my pop up flash wouldn’t freeze the action as well as the speed light. I used manual focus more obviously in this shot to make the subject in the foreground more focused than the subject in the background. I like that the subject in the background provides more context.
Side note: In my previous martial arts’ photography, I found that I like using black and white during post production. I feel like it enables the images to flow better. So, during post production of this shoot, I changed some of the images to black and white to see how they worked.


This image is taken with my pop up flash as opposed to the speed light. However I still like the harsh white lighting the flash has created. I think that it emphasises the subjects’ muscles and the sweat on his head in particular. The background may be more noisy in this image as I used a low ISO of 400.

These are two of my favourite images from the night. I like that you can see the subject’s sweat clearly because of the clothes she’s wearing. The first image was taken when the speed light was still working. I tried to bounce it off the ceiling at an angle which ended up lighting up her leg in particular. I also like that the main focus of the image is the subject as opposed to the bag she’s hitting or the gym she’s in.
In comparison, the second image was taken with my pop up flash. This still enabled me to freeze movement. I really enjoyed photographing this girl as I found that a lot of my more successful shots of the night featured her.

Moving on:
My plan for next week’s shoot is to try portraits of the boxers before and after training. I’m hoping that the boxers will be willing to participate. This shoot is inspired by Nicolai Howalt (Nicolai Howalt’s work). I intend on going back on Tuesday as the girl featured in these images is training and as previously mentioned, I enjoyed working with her.


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