Event Shoot- Stow on the Wold Gypsy Fair

On Thursday 20th October, the class went to Stow on the Wold to shoot a gypsy horse fair. This came under the event bracket of our assignment. I was particularly apprehensive about this shoot as I was expecting the travellers to be hostile and not be comfortable with so many students asking for pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by the more welcoming nature of the people at the fair.
During the Mop Fair shoot in Tewkesbury, I found that I was really enjoying taking portraits of people. For this shoot, I decided that I mainly wanted to do portraits, and include other shots for more context. This meant that I had to outwardly ask people if they would mind their picture being taken which put me out of my comfort zone.


These were the first two images I took. I must say it took me a while to get comfortable with the lighting as it was a fairly overcast day. I had to play around with my settings to try and get them right. These images were both taken with an ISO of 160. The left image is taken with an F stop of 4.5 and the right with an F stop of 5.6. This ensured that I had a wide depth of field for context. I used manual focus throughout the shoot which I found more effective, especially when shooting portraits as I could deliberately focus on the subjects.

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These images all used a manual focus so I could ensure the subjects eyes were all sharp. As a rule, the ISO was on 250 and the F stops varied from 4.5 to 6.3. These settings allowed the subjects and backgrounds to be bright enough to give context to the pictures.
To change the background, I did attempt to take some images from a lower angle. However, I found that my camera was focusing on the bright sky as opposed to the subjects. This made them too underexposed.


This image is an example of the sky as the background making the subject under exposed.


I took images like these to try and give the set of pictures more context. The first photo is more of an establishing shot, where as the second gives more of an idea on the kinds of people walking around. I used auto focus on the second image as I was shooting more from the hip, and as the subjects were moving, using manual focus would probably have meant they weren’t in focus.


I think that these two images really catch the essence of the fair. The first image includes a caravan, and the second includes a girl wearing what people would stereo typically expect travellers to wear. Therefore, in my opinion, these images sum up the fair but in a more stereotypical way. However, in some ways, I prefer the images that aren’t as stereotypical as they challenge the viewers’ perception of the travelling community.
Again, I used auto focus on the second image as both the subjects and I  were moving meaning that it would’ve been more likely to blur had I used manual focus. I particularly like the BMW in the background as, in some way, it contrasts the stereotype as people don’t expect the travelling community to be able to afford such an expensive car.


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