Story Assignment -UOG Boxing Shoot 3

On October 28th, I revisited the boxing club for another shoot with the intention of shooting more portraits than anything else, inspired by my research in Shoot 2 (UOG Boxing Shoot 2). This didn’t go to plan as the subjects weren’t as confident as I had anticipated they would be. However, during this shoot, I found the upstairs of the gym which had low metal ceilings which made it easier for me to adjust the lighting as well as experiment with bounce flash.


I think the upstairs of the gym gives the images more context as there is more visually like the flags and ring itself. I hope to shoot more action shots to show the reality of the sport, however, up until this point I hadn’t had much of an opportunity.

I liked the idea of using the mirrors that the subjects shadow boxed into to get reflections and show facial expressions. I used an F stop of 4.4 and I used a speed lite to bounce the flash off the wall to make the area brighter. This worked well because of the light colour of the walls.

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I tried to get more documentary style shots to give context to the images as well as to show the relationship between the people training there. These were generally shot upstairs because I found the lighting easier. These images were shot using bounce flash or more direct flash on the subjects (more so in the darker area of the room).

As previously mentioned, I intended on shooting portraits. This image was the only successful portrait that shot as he was the only willing participant.


I decided to crop the image to get rid of the excess space and therefore making the subject more central . I used a bounce flash for this portrait because of the low ceilings and light walls. This is evident through the hotspots on the subjects’ arms. I also used the small white selector on the speedlite to ensure the subjects eyes were not in shadow.


I also experimented with a lightly longer shutter speed and motion blur in this shoot. I did not use flash with these images because the longer shut speed provided enough light in the image. Because of this, I also used a low ISO of 100. The shutter speed I used was 1.5 seconds which provided enough time to see the subjects movement without them being too blurred. I intend on trying this again, but tilting the camera up, or standing up to catch their faces and arm movements too.

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