Austerity and Prosperity Brief- Landscape Shots

While I was in Jakarta, the poverty was clear and sometimes shocking to someone (like me) who hasn’t been to such a developing country before. I was therefore taken back by some of the landscapes I saw and wanted to capture them as the austerity part of this brief. I did also photograph some buildings and locations that could contrast them to try and show the two extremes.



I think these images help to show how over-populated the city of Jakarta is, as well as the lack of attention to health and safety. As the day these were taken on was so bright, I used an ISO of 100 to ensure they weren’t over exposed. I used a wide aperture to try and keep everything in focus and make sure that it wasn’t too dark. Both images were shot from the hip as I wanted the pictures to feel like the viewer could be there.

Again, I think that these images show a certain level of austerity as the areas look somewhat unhygienic. I found the lighting quite difficult to master at the start of the trip as I wasn’t used to such bright natural day light. Because of this, some of the images are slightly over exposed, such as the image with the greenery in the background. These images were all shot with a low ISO 0f 100 and a wide aperture. Looking back, I think if would’ve been better if I had shot with a smaller aperture to make the images better exposed, as well as dropping the background out of focus.

dsc_0440In contrast, some of the areas I visited seemed a lot more prosperous (going on aesthetics). I shot this photo off the hip as I liked the lines of the road leading to the water mist at the back.I used an ISO of 100 and an F stop of 5 which ensured that the whole image was in focus and that it wasn’t too over exposed. Just looking at the buildings and shrubbery, it’s evident that this area was more wealthy and I think that it would provide a good juxtaposition to some of the more slum-like areas I photographed.

dsc_0067This image was one of the only photographs I shot inside during the whole trip. Because of this, I had to adjust to the dim lighting. I used an ISO of 1600 and an aperture of 3.5. This ensured that it was exposed correctly as well as the pictures on the wall being in focus. I think the warmth of the image (from the chandelier light) makes it look more rich and wealthy.

dsc_0442I particularly liked the juxtaposition of the graffiti on the wall of the more prosperous building in this photograph. I think it makes it seem more out of place in the evidently more well off neighbourhood. Again, it was shot in the daylight so the ISO was low on 100 and the aperture was on 5.6, making sure everything was in focus. I also shot this from a lower angle partly to get the whole building in shot, but also to show how large it is, emphasising the wealth.

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