London Trip

On November 29th, we went on a trip to London to look at various photography galleries as well as taking documentary style pictures. First, we went to The Photographers’ Gallery where there was an exhibition on feminism on. Personally, I didn’t particularly like the exhibitions. However, in the book shop downstairs I found several books which inspired my pictures for that day.

The Photographers’ Gallery

One of the books, “On The Night Bus” by Nick Turpin really caught my eye. I liked the vibrancy of the colours and the effect that the condensation has on the windows:


Nick Turpin website

The likelihood is that the photographer waited in the same spot during certain periods of time to achieve this series. We can tell that the images were shot at night because the majority of the lighting is coming from within the bus. Similarly, we can assume that the images were shot during winter because of the condensation on the windows. The lighting on the busses remains constant which lights each of the subjects in a similar way, creating a well balanced series.

His book inspired me to start shooting through windows to see if I could capture reflections or something similar to his work.


I was pleasantly surprised by how these images turned out because I shot them all from the hip. I particularly like the image of the bus driver. I like that you can clearly see his facial expression but there is also a reflection of light which breaks the image up. As well as that, I think that the the bus pictures are fitting and provide context because they were shot in London, and the double decker red busses are iconic.

Three members of the class (including myself) were able to have exclusive access to the Savoy Place terrace which gives a stunning view of the iconic landmarks in London. We were fortunate enough to go when the sun was low which gave a beautiful sunset.


I think the lighting worked well in the bottom image as the bridge is acting like a reflector. Again the red busses provide context to the image as it doesn’t have nay of the other landmarks in it. I used an aperture of 22 which ensured the whole image was in focus. I also used an ISO of 100, as I didn’t want to over expose seeing as the sun was so bright. I used the same settings for the other images for the same reason.

As a lot of the architecture in London is old and grand, I wanted to document it. I like low angle used in the first image as it shows the scale of the building. I think the pattern also helps to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I think the second image worked well because the window acts like a frame within a frame, and the subject acts like a focal point.  For both images, I used a low ISO of 100 and a low F stop to brighten the photos.

We also went to Covent Gardens where it was darker, so I tried to get more creative with lighting the images effectively.


I liked the lighting in this place as it came almost exclusively from Christmas lights and the bar. I thought this gave the images a certain warmth to them. I also like that the tinsel acted as a reflector in some of the images. To try and get correct exposure, I used a relatively high ISO of 1000 and a shutter speed of 1/80.

These pictures were taken outside where it was darker so I increased my ISO to 1250. This did make some of the images a little noisy but I don’t think it’s too noticeable. I loved the facial expressions and freezing of movement in these pictures as you can see the joy on the children’s’ faces.

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