Tales of Gloucestershire Reflective Evaluation

For this assignment, I decided to document the UoG Boxing club as I have participated in martial arts for a number of years, so the subject was familiar to me. As well as this, from previous experience, I know boxers tend to enjoy having their picture taken which makes it easier for me to approach them.

DSC_5922.jpgFor all of the shoots, I used a Nikon D80 with a 35-50mm lens. While this allowed me to get both close ups and more contextual shots, if I were to re-do this assignment I would return with a wider lens (28mm) which would enable me to get more context shots of the gym itself. I found this particularly difficult with the lens I used as the gym was so small. I would also try to include more use of flash. Some of my most successful images were when I used bounce flash as this lit the subjects more effectively than both the direct flash and the light. If I were to re-do the project, I would try more portraiture. I feel that this element of the series let me down. I found it difficult to expose correctly for the subjects and to control aperture to create a more shallow depth of field. As well as this, I would potentially take a white backdrop as there weren’t many suitable places for portraits because the majority of the walls had decorative paintings on them.

DSC_6054.jpgI was originally undecided on whether to print the final images in black and white or in colour. After writing a blog post to compare the complete set of both, I decided to print in colour. The main reasoning for this was because the portraits and some of the other images fell flat when they were changed into black and white. I also think that the colour emphasises the sweat on the subjects which shows their exhaustion. Finally, a lot of the images include vibrant colours (such as the images with the flags in the background), and so colour adds more depth to them.


I think my most successful image was of the people fighting with the flags in the background. I think this worked because the vibrant background and negative space add more depth to the photograph. As well as this, the facial expression shows movement and genuine reaction which was one of my main objectives when starting this project.



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