Events Reflective Evaluation

I shot two events for this assignment; Tewksbury Mop Fair and Stowe on the Wold Gypsy Horse Fair. I found the mop fair a lot more difficult to shoot at because I hadn’t shot much at night before.

DSC_5229.jpgI used a Nikon D80 with a 30-50mm lens for both shoots. I think if I were to re-shoot, particularly the mop fair, I would use a Canon 70D as the ISO goes a lot higher which would make shooting at night considerably easier. However, I think the lens was a good middle ground for both shoots as it enabled me to capture both portraits and wider shots. I would take a 50mm lens to the gypsy fair if I were to re-shoot as I focused a lot on portraiture than I planned on, so this may have been more effective at giving a more shallow depth of field.  I also think that if I had a speed light at the mop fair I would’ve been able to take more successful portraits. As it got darker, it became a lot more difficult to shoot well-lit portraits. One of the only portraits I took worked well because of the vibrancy of the colours. The colours were more vibrant because it was shot in daylight, and so the whole image was naturally brighter. As well as this, I would try more long exposure shots of the rides. As I hadn’t shot long exposure before so I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but I think this was arguably my most successful image of the shoot. If I re-shot the gypsy fair, I would probably try to shoot a few more wider shots to add context to the series of images. However, overall I’m happy with the set of portraits I produced.

DSC_5822.jpgI think my most successful image from both of the events is the photograph of the traditional gypsy trailer with two men sat on the front. I think the contrast in colours on the trailer and sky in particular make the subjects stand out more. As well as this, the sign on the trailer adds more context to the photograph as it says “stop racism against gypsies now!”.


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