Austerity & Prosperity Reflective Evaluation

I shot this assignment while I was on holiday in Jakarta, Indonesia. I thought that the location was perfect for the brief as the city is filled with both poverty and wealth. It was a lot easier to approach subjects for portraits there as they were keen to have their picture taken.

DSC_0895.jpgI used a Nikon D3100 with an 18-55mm lens for the duration of the trip. I think considering the length of the trip (2 weeks) this was a good lens choice as it enabled both close portraits and wider shots. The main difficulty I had throughout was exposing correctly in the bright sunlight. On a few occasions, I changed my aperture, shutter speed and ISO with sunglasses on which caused the images to be too overexposed. This was disappointing, and so if I was given the opportunity to re-shoot, I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I would also take a speed light with me to try and experiment with using it to separate the subjects from the background, and to increase the contrast in colours. I think this would’ve been effective, especially as the majority of subjects I took portraits on had vibrant coloured clothing on.

dsc_0397I decided to present mostly portraits for this brief as I felt that they were a lot stronger than my landscape shots. I think my most successful shot is the portrait of the man crouching. I think this works because the area around the subject provides context and fits the austerity part of the brief.dsc_0854



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