Project Proposal – Cheltenham Guardians

For this assignment, I will be joining the Cheltenham Guardians on their Saturday shifts. My objective for this project is to document them protecting the young and vulnerable people in Cheltenham. Overall, I am hoping to produce a photo story with a clear narrative. This may focus on one particular ‘case’ or several depending on the events that take place on the nights I attend. As well as this, I hope to bring attention to the good work of the Guardians through producing raw, quality images.

The Guardians work between 11pm and 7am Saturday nights. As the shifts are 8 hours, I should have plenty of time to take enough photographs. However, the images showing a clear narrative will depend on the ‘events’ of the night and their severity. If the night is ‘quiet’, the shoot may be less successful. In this case, I could just focus on taking images of the Guardians themselves.  Another factor I need to consider are the subjects and their participation or potentially lack of. Some of the Guardians and subjects receiving help may want to remain anonymous.  I need to be aware of my surroundings for both my own safety and the safety of the subjects receiving help from the Guardians. I intend on using a 24-105mm lens on the shoots, as it should enable me to get close up and contextual shots. It also enables me to zoom, so I don’t physically have to be close to the ‘action’ to avoid invasion of privacy and to avoid inconveniencing the Guardians’ work.


(Disclaimer: The images used in this blog post were not provided by me. They were found on the Guardians’ Facebook Page)

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