Night Time Test Shoot 1

On the 24th January, ahead of my joining forces with the Cheltenham Guardians, I decided to take some images in the night to get used to shooting using available lights (which are largely tungsten). It also enabled me to figure out which lens would be best, as well as trying different ISO settings.


I used a Canon 70D for this shoot with a 24-105mm lens. I used a general ISO of 6400, an aperture of 4 (the lowest it would go with this lens) and a shutter speed of 1/60. This meant the images I took were bright enough to see details in them. However, particularly when shooting under tungsten lighting, I found that some of the images were noisy. This is expected when shooting at night, and the only way this could be changed was if there was better lighting or if I used a lens with a . When I shoot with the Guardians, I am hoping to have better lighting from the beam of the car’s headlights.


I intend on shooting in the night one more time before I shoot with the Guardians. For the next shoot, I will take a speed lite and a 50mm lens with me. This should give me practice on low light portraits. As well as this, I can experiment with the flash and the settings I should use with it. By practising this, when I go out with the Guardians, I should feel more confident in my capabilities and less concerned about figuring out camera settings at key moments which may cause me to miss a great photo opportunity.


I think silhouette pictures will be easier and effective for this project. The images above and below use back lighting which is emphasising the outlines of the tree branches and the subject. I think this may be a simple way to show the Guardians caring for a young person. However, I want to try my best to catch facial expressions as I think this will tell a narrative more clearly and effectively. The image below is fairly noisy. I would assume this is because of the saturated tungsten lighting and the high ISO used. However, had I used a lower ISO setting, the detail in the houses (bricks, windows etc.) would have been a lot less clear.


When I am out with the Guardians, the likelihood is that I will be travelling to varying parts of Cheltenham throughout the night. This means that there will be varying sources of lighting, from nightclub lights to shop display lights. The promenade would be a good place to shoot as generally the shop display windows use bright white lights which would illuminate subjects standing in front of them. The brighter lighting also minimises the noise in the images.



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