A Photo Story – Cheltenham Guardians Shoot 2

On Saturday 4th of February I joined The Cheltenham Guardians again for a night shift. This shift lasted from 11pm- 6am. The Guardians weren’t overly busy, but the lighting in the situations I attended with them was generally a lot brighter, and therefore better to shoot in than the lighting from the previous week.

I used the same camera ( Canon 70D), lenses (25-105mm and 50mm) and speed lite. I shot less images as there were less incidents, and several of which happened at the same time so I wasn’t able to be at all of them. From the 104 I formed an edit of 25.


There was only one Guardian I hadn’t seen before, so I took her portrait to add to the collection of portraits. I used the same ISO, aperture and shutter speed with a fill in flash to create the same effect. I also shot the portrait in the same location to make it more fitting with the others.

Below is the collection of portraits to date.

During my first shoot, I tried different angles including dropping down to take pictures of the subjects’ feet. I tried the same technique on this shoot, and I personally think I was more successful because the lighting was better.


I think these were considerably sharper than the ones I took on the previous week. I think photographing the feet is an effective way to show the kind of subject the Guardians were dealing with (gender, potential financial status etc.).

I tried to take more detailed pictures of the Guardians themselves too. I think these were successful as I didn’t use flash. The reflective strips on the jackets that they wear would reflect the flash and result in over exposure on them. However, the lighting I used to take the more detailed images was the same as above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These images are before post production. I think I will try to brighten them during post production as they are a little dark; the close up of the number is particularly dark. However, I think these images would be good next to a more contextual shot in a photo story as they are more detailed, and only show the Guardians which is ultimately  what my photo story is about.


This image was not planned and that explains why it is so dark. The Guardians were helping a lone woman and she used the car to balance. The image was shot through a window with a shutter speed of 1/80, an aperture of 4 (the lowest aperture available with the lens) with a zoom of 80mm and an ISO of 6400. I like the back lighting which silhouettes the hand to some degree. I would try to make the image brighter during post production. I think this image may be good as an opening to the story if there was text explaining the story on it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think either of these images would make an effective establishing shot for the photo story. The background scene of the car is a little over exposed as the lights in the shop window were considerably brighter and whiter than that of the tungsten street lights. However, I think the car clearly stating ‘Guardians’ on it would make it immediately clear to the audience what the subject of the photo story is. Alternatively, I think that the image of the Guardians walking a man to a bench would establish both the Guardians and their work, again making it clear to the audience immediately. I took this image from a slightly lower angle as I thought it may make the Guardians look bigger, and possibly more heroic. I don’t think this worked as well in that sense, however I think it enables more of the background to be seen, so the audience can see other people on their night out which provides more context.


The image above was one of my favourites of the night. I think that this is largely down to the white shop lights which brightened the whole scene and eliminated any lighting problems I’d faced throughout both shoots. I took multiple images of this scene standing up. Although this showed the scene of both friends and Guardians helping out the drunk female, I found them quite boring. I decided to drop down again to take a picture of the Guardians and the woman’s friend helping. I think this shot is a lot more impact full and may make the viewer feel more like they could be there, in the action. I also think that it’s an effective way to show the scene without taking a picture of the drunk woman.

Below I have included a slideshow of other images taken on the night:

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