AD4803 Street – Risk Assessment

For this module, I will be shooting on location in Cardiff. I will be going to each shoot with classmate who is also shooting in Cardiff. This should help to eliminate most immediate dangers that come with street photography. This means if I come into danger, I will have someone there to support me and what I explain my purpose for the photographs are.

The biggest risk is negative or aggressive reactions towards me asking the subject if I can take their portraits. However, as I intend on approaching the subject and asking before taking their picture, this is less likely to happen as I will have the subjects’ permission beforehand. As well as this, I can validate my authenticity showing my university ID and cover letter if necessary.

On a similar note, If I take pictures of people’s children there may also be negative or aggressive reactions. To prevent this, if there is a child I want to photograph as part of my series, I will approach the parents first, and then with their permission, I will ask the child. Again, I can prove my identity using university ID, and I could also show the parents previous portraits I’ve taken to show the kind of series I am producing.  With both of these issues, I can also ask the subjects/ their parents if they would prefer the image to remain off any social media platforms. This may enable me to have more willing subjects.

*cover image by Rineke Dijkstra*

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