AD4803 Studio – Magazine Research

Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine

Similarly to FIGHT! Magazine, this magazine is dedicated to showing different martial art forms and techniques involved in them. However, it tends to show less popular martial art forms such as wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu and taekwondo. Because of this, the magazine is a lot more niche than even FIGHT!. Therefore, is is not available in shops and is only available for online purchase.


As seen in the image above, the style of images on the cover of the magazine is very similar to that of FIGHT! This is done mainly to emphasise the physique of the subject being featured.

Subscription to this magazine is $24.99 a year which is considerably more affordable than FIGHT!. Single issues cost $3.99. This means that  the audience may be could go down to the D/E category in the social grade chart (seen in my FIGHT! Magazine blog post), making the audience slightly larger. However, this magazine is very niche, and prices being given in American dollars suggest that the audience would have to be very dedicated to martial arts in order to want and purchase this magazine.

Advertisements shown in this magazine again include kit, protein, martial arts evens and seminars which reiterate that the audience are likely to be fighters themselves. Again, the colour scheme is more masculine and harsh which suggests that the audience is also more masculine/male.This is more so because interest in martial arts is usually shown by men over women.

I don’t think that the niche aspect of this magazine is appropriate for the portraits of Brett that I intend on taking. I also think that the publishing being American influenced this decision as it would be more difficult to research properly as well as the magazine being more difficult for a British audience to purchase it. If I wanted to publish the portraits in a martial arts specific magazine, I would lean towards FIGHT! because its more widely available.

Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health UK

ther magazines I have looked at for this module, this is a lot less martial arts specific and instead is more about men’s fitness and health in general. I  think this would be more appropriate for the portraits of Brett I intend on shooting.


Men’s Health magazine is considerably more available than the previous magazines I have looked at. In the UK, it is available in most newsagents, supermarkets and book shops. This means that it’s audience is considerably larger and that it’s audience is less niche as more people are purchasing it. However, similarly to the other magazines, the audience is likely to have a more disposable income as the price of a single magazine is £4.99, and a subscription to it (11 copies) costs £33. This suggests that they have a more comfortable financial status.

The image on the cover of the magazine is always a studio style shot with lighting that emphasises the physique of the subject featured. This is the same as the previous magazines I looked at which shows that it’s a theme with health and fitness magazines. However, unlike the other magazines, the images in the magazine vary from studio to location portraits which gives more variety to the aesthetic of the magazine.

The name of the magazine itself shows that the clear target audience is men. Even if the audience was not stated in the title, I think that the content in both the magazine and the cover, as well as the colour scheme on the cover (both the one above and in general) would suggest a male audience.

Having read the magazine before, I know that there is a section which focuses on an athlete in each copy. This would provide a good opportunity for my portraits of Brett Johns as it seems like an athlete profile. As well as this, it would provide me with more options for backgrounds when I’m on location as some of the portraits in the magazine have a more ‘interesting’ background (not plain/shot in the studio).

I think this magazine would be most suitable for my portraits as it gives me more of a chance to experiment with lighting and backgrounds. As well as this, the audience is appropriate and larger than the more niche magazines.

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