AD4802 Photo Story – The Butterfly Project

Having emailed the chairman of The Butterfly Garden, I have been given permission to go along and take pictures of the good work carried out there.

He sent me the following email:

Hi Amy,

We will be delighted to have you join us at the site…………feel free to jsut trun up when the mood takes………there is always plenty going on.


He also sent me another email detailing times, days and dates that they meet up:

Hi Amy,

The project is open 5 days of the week and students are usually around between 9 and 3 on each day. We don’t have a set time table. but there is always stuff going on and a lot of spontaneous activity too.

So,as I said just land when the mood takes. You may like to note March 8th too as we are opening a new building at 11.30.


The Butterfly Garden Website

The Butterfly Garden is a project for people of all ages dealing with any form of disability. It caters for those looking to escape the world and make friends. The scheme was originally based on gardening, but since its opening in 2002, it has expanded and now the community volunteer group offer other educational, therapeutic and recreational activities for it’s participants.

‘Our objective is to create a unit that is safe, reliable and self sustaining.’


Above image has been taken from The Butterfly Garden’s website

In the summer of 2002, six young autistic students visited a small commercial garden centre seeking gardening advice. They were invited to return and with guidance, became the pioneer founders of The Butterfly Garden.

By the November of the same year, a development plan was drawn up and a quarter of an acre became the garden which now spans more than four acres. Over 100 students attend each week; many of whom are referred by colleges, schools, day centres and NHS support agencies, while others are guided by friends of family. There are students on sight every day.

The Butterfly Garden is no longer just a gardening project. It has evolved as people have turned up offering their help and services (including teachers and car workers). Now the project has volunteers who support art, music, woodwork and catering as well as the original gardening.


Spaces in The Butterfly Garden

The project has 11 separate spaces which are used by participants. These are:

  • The original garden
  • The classroom
  • The new cabin
  • The meadow
  • The greenhouse
  • The allotment
  • The paddock
  • The willowbed
  • The wildlife area and desert
  • Outdoor performance space
  • Flutterbuy’s & ‘Quids in’

Each space is used for different activities, and the Flutterbuy’s & Quid’s is a shop full of second hand goods which is a key part of the fundraising.

As well as this, on March 8th, there is another building being opened. I hope I will be able to go along to this event to document it.


This image was taken from The Butterfly Garden’s website.


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