AD4802 Photo Story – The Butterfly Garden Project Proposal

As the Cheltenham Guardians has fallen through, I will be joining The Butterfly Project. My objective is to document the community that the project has formed as well as the participants who are benefiting from the centre. Overall, I am hoping to produce a photo story with a clear narrative. This may focus on the group as a whole, showcasing their community spirit; or on one student in particular. I hope to produce quality images which the project may use themselves.

The group meets weekdays between around 9am and 3pm. As they meet so frequently, I should have plenty of opportunities to shoot. Showing a narrative will likely depend on the numbers of students attending on the days that I attend, as well as the actual students who attend as they may not want their photograph taken. In this case, I could focus on the buildings and the volunteers that work there. I need to be sensitive in my approach as the people I’m working with are likely to be more defensive and may not understand my motive for being there. Because of this, I intend on visiting the centre once without my camera. This should enable me to get to know the students so they feel more comfortable around me. I intend on taking a 30mm lens and a 50mm lens. These should allow me to get portraits of the people working there, as well as more contextual shots. image14

This image has been taken from The Butterfly Garden website. 

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