AD4803 Studio – Artist Research

Philip Sinden

Philip Sinden Photography

Philip Sinden’s website consists of mostly portraits with some exceptions to more commissioned and collaborative shoots with companies such as mode. Some of his work also showcases menswear. I liked a few of his portrait shoots, including the shoot with Michael Fassbender; but my personal favourite was his shoot with British tennnis player Andy Murray.


I think these images have been taken using natural, north facing light and the lighting in them (particularly in the portrait) is even but equally bright. As well as this, I can’t see any hot spots or lights being reflected in the subjects’ eyes. The north facing light also eliminates the chance of having shadows cast onto the background. As the background int he second image is plain white, it is difficult to tell the distance the subject is standing from it. I like the angle and framing of the second shot and I think it’s a powerful standalone portrait. I would like to create something similar to the second portrait in my own work for the brief.

Loic Le Guilly

Loic Le Guilly Photography

Loic Le Guilly is a French photographer who was originally a travel photographer only. This was before he started working for a large company in Brisbane where he become somewhat more commercial. I liked a lot of his portraits on the website, but I thought this (below) was the most appropriate for what I am looking at for inspiration for my upcoming shoot with Brett.


I like that a lot of this image isn’t in focus, but key points like the eyes and gum shield are. I think this was shot with 2 soft boxes aimed positioned either central but one slightly to the right and the other slightly to the left of the subject. I think this because of the reflections of a square light source in the subjects eye. As well as this, the lighting on the subjects’ face is even all over and there are barely any shadows (with the exception of a light shadow under the subjects’ chin). The only thing I’m not as keen on is that the image is over exposed which is merging the subjects’ ears with the background. Although I’m sure this was intentional, I wouldn’t do that because I prefer it when the whole face is more in focus.

David Bailey

David Bailey Photography

David Bailey has been a photographer for well over 30 years now and varies in portraiture and landscapes as well as commission work involving healthcare, tourism and business.
There is a wide variety of portraits on his website, but I chose this one for the same reason as the previous photographer; I think it’s more int the style I intend on shooting in for this brief.


This image looks like it was shot with three sources of light. I think two soft boxes were positioned either side of the subject as there are hot spots on both cheeks and ears suggesting light sources from both sides. I think another soft box was used in front and slightly above the subject as there is a catch light in the top of his eye as well as another hot spot on the top of his forehead (indicating that the light source has been positioned slightly higher than his face). I originally thought that another source of light was used below him because of the lack of shadows being cast onto his shirt. However, I think the lack of shadow is due to spillage of light from the two lights on the side. Looking at the image again, there is a slight shadow which suggests that there isn’t a light source below him. I think the subject has been positioned as far away from the backdrop as possible to prevent shadows from being cast. No lights have been used to light the backdrop in my opinion as it is completely even and dark.


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