AD4803 Street – Cardiff Shoot 2 – St. David’s Day

On March 1st I went to Cardiff with a classmate for another shoot, hoping to catch patriotic Welsh residents of Cardiff. I thought this date would work well as it’s St David’s Day on March 1st. I researched a little and found out that there was a St. David’s Day parade on in the middle of the day. I thought this would be good to catch more patriotic street portraits.

I shot a total of 103 images on St David’s Day using a Canon 5D with a 50mm lens. These were a combination of portraits and some less planned shots of the parade and the people involved in the parade:


A lot of the photographs I shot on the 1st were more filler style photos for the contact sheet of 300 images required for submission. However I did get a few images I quite liked the look of. I have compiled a collection of them below. I think the main reason I like a lot of them is because of the vibrancy of colours which has only been emphasised by the use of flash.


I prefer the portraits I shot as that’s what I initially wanted to shoot. However, the other images will work well for my final submission which must include a contact sheet with a minimum of 300 images on it. Below are a selection of my favourite images from the shoot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I set out with a goal to get a portrait of a little girl wearing a traditional Welsh costume. Although I got this, ideally the girl would’ve been older so she didn’t need physical support to stand. Because the girl I did take a picture of was so young and her mother was helping her stand, this eliminated the negative space I usually try to get behind my subjects in my street portraits.

I like how the flash worked in the portraits shown above, and I like that the people featured are evidently patriotic. I think some of the images have too dark a background. This isn’t too much of a problem as I shot in RAW so this can be adjusted. I think the main reason the backgrounds were too dark in some of them is too high an aperture, particularly as it was an overcast/rainy day.


I’m really happy with the portrait shown above.I like that the man is wearing hints of red and Welsh based items which shows the patriotism . I think the use of flash has been used well as it separates the subject from the background clearly. However, unlike the other images in the slideshow, the background is not too dark but is still darker than the subject. I used an F stop of 13 with an ISO of 160 and a shutter speed of 1/200. The image of the woman in a Welsh flag dress (seen in slideshow) which was shot with the exact same settings which shows how time of day can really effect the outcome of images.


I particularly like the photograph shown above. I think the subject and his clothing stand out from the background well. I asked the subject to move into the centre of the path as this had more negative space. As well as that, the flags in the background both show the location clearly and lead the eye back in to the image. Unfortunately, someone walked through the frame as I took the shot. There was another image of the subject without someone walking through the shot but the flash didn’t fire so it wasn’t as successful. I shot this picture with the following settings; ISO 160, shutter speed 1/160 and F stop 13.


I think the image above works well because the space behind the subject is completely empty which makes the subject the only focus. Similarly to the other images, I think the flash has effectively separated the subject from the background. I like how the colour scheme of the whole image is quite dull but there is a ‘pop’ of colour from his book. I also like that the coat and glasses have reflected the flash which I think helps to separate him from the background more. I shot this with the following settings; ISO 160, shutter speed 1/160, F stop 9.

The final image I shot on the day was my personal favourite:


I love this portrait as I think the aperture and flash settings have worked well to ensure the background isn’t top dark. I think the colour scheme of the subjects’ clothing also helps the aesthetic as it is a cold, grey image generally with just hints of colour. I used a shutter speed of 160, an ISO of 250 and an F stop of 8 for this image.

Something I found key from shooting on this day was negative space behind my subjects. When there are people walking through the frame, I tend to find the images less effective as there are distractions. Because of this, on the second day of shooting, I tried to move subjects into an empty space before shooting.


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