AD4803 Studio – Image Recreation

When I booked studio space on Monday 27th Febuary to shoot portraits I decided to try and recreate an image I had seen previously and liked (David Clerihew Blog Post):


This was the image I decided to try and recreate. As with the other portraits I shot on that day, I shot on both digital and film. I am yet to develop the film but will write another post when It has been processed. For now, I can show the images I shot on the Canon 70D with a 80mm lens. I used an 80mm lens because the was was the lens on the Mamiya 645 that I used for the same image. This meant that I was able to test my settings on digital before shooting on film.

To construct the image, I looked at the catch lights in Vettel’s eyes from the original:


Looking at this cropped image, There were three small lights positioned to the front left of the subject (their POV), and one small just below to the front right. This has lit the left side of his face more and left the right more in shadow. The lights on the left have created a shadow on the right side of the nose (seen below):


Finally, a soft box has been used behind the subject on their right to light the backdrop which has made one side of the background much brighter than the other:


In order to recreate this image, I needed to consider the light sources to achieve accurate shadows and highlights. As well as this, I needed to frame the image correctly as in the original both the top of the subjects’ head and the bottom of their chin are not in shot.


Above is the contact sheet. I used 2 models to see which would work better. I found that the dark haired subject worked better because the blonde subjects’ hair took up more of the frame. This meant that I wasn’t able to show the background and subsequently the lighting on the background. img_9963

This was the first image I shot. Firstly, the framing isn’t right as she is positioned more to the left than the right, whereas in the original image, the subject is more central. As well as this, the left side of the subjects’ face is considerably brighter than the right and in the original, this is the other way around.


As seen in the above image, I tried to recreate the catch lights from the original image. I used a large, long soft box instead of 3 small lights on the front left of the subject (their POV), and a large beauty dish on the front right of the subject. The catch lights near enough match the originals, however the shadows formed aren’t the same:

img_9963-hThe shadow is on the left of the subjects’ nose as opposed to the right as in the original image (their POV).


To try and make the shadows the same, I swapped the light sources around; meaning that the long soft box was on the front right of the subject and the beauty dish was on the front left of the subject. This made the shadows look more like they do in the original.

This was the image I decided was most like the original in terms of shadows and framing:


I then used Photoshop to edit colours and saturation etc to make it more like the original:



Overall, I am quite happy with the final product. I think the shadowing is very similar and I think now that I have edited the image to match the skin tones and background more to the original, it looks a lot more like the original image I tried to recreate.

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