AD4802 Photo Story –Shoot 1

On Friday 3rd March I visited The Butterfly Garden for the second time. I had visited the previous week but I forgot my SD card which meant that I wasn’t able to shoot. This did however give me an opportunity to meet the volunteers and students of the project as well as have a tour so I knew my surroundings when I re-visited.

This time I was able to shoot and I took a total of 182 images. I was shooting with a Canon 70D and a 50mm lens. I also took a flash with me but I didn’t use it as there was plenty of natural lighting, and so I didn’t feel a need to use it. This included a variety of portraits and more general shots. Below is a slideshow of contact sheets from the shoot:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I tried to get images of the varying rooms and items within them to show the scale of the project, as well as to show some more sentimental items (such as the plaque on the well). Some of these shots could potentially be used as establishing shots in my photo story. I think that either the portrait shot of The Butterfly Garden sign or the landscape shot of the greenhouse with pots would be god. When I re-visit the project, I will try to take a wider lens with me to get more effective establishing shots to help show the size of the areas the students are in.

The camera settings I used varied depending on the location I was in. For example, the greenhouse was considerably brighter than some of the indoor buildings which used strip lighting. Therefore, I was constantly changing settings to get the best exposure.

I got more portraits than anything else as I think the main narrative for this photo story lies within the people involved in the project.

I think some of the above images are considerably better than others. I particularly like the top right image (student in GAP jumper) and the 6th image (student with downs syndrome) as I think they show more of the students’ personality which I think is important for this story. I took another image which I think perfectly displays the students’ personality but unfortunately it wasn’t sharp:


I was disappointing about this image because I think it would’ve worked well as a standalone portrait within the photo story.


I think these portraits work well as a set of 2 because they were shot on the same settings in the same location. As well as that, I like the facial expressions in both of them as I think that the personality of the subject really shines through. I think that they do a good job at showing how happy the students that attend the project are when they’re there.


I really like this portrait. I think this would be good in the photo story as this is the guy who came up with and runs The Butterfly Garden. He is also standing in front of a new building which is due to be opened March 8th. I am attending this opening for my next shoot, and so I think the context in this picture will work well with future shoots.

I also took some more shots of general activity that took place in hopes to form a narrative around what kind of things they do in the project:

I particularly liked the image of Chris (the project organiser shown in the previous portrait) comforting one of the students as it shows compassion and care within the project.

I was also able to get a recorded interview with Chris about The Butterfly Garden which I intend on using to voice over my slideshow of pictures.


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