AD4802 Photo Story – Magazine Choices

I think that my story is something that a regional magazine may enjoy more than a national one, this is important when choosing which magazine to publish it in. I think a lifestyle magazine would work best as the audience is likely to enjoy reading/ seeing about this good willed organisation. I have narrowed it down to 3 potential magazines; The Sunday Observer, The Sunday Times and Cotswold Life. I reference the NRS social grade throughout, so this is a reminder of the social grade meanings:


The Observer

Observer Magazine

According to The Guardian website (Observer Magazine Readership) the target audience for The Observer magazine are primarily in the ABC1 category, are aged 50+ and the gender is fairly  even.

NRS Social Grade.jpg

The Observer is a lifestyle magazine which is split into separate categories (on the website) which include food, love & sex, home & garden and family. I think that the variety of categories and the fact that it is a lifestyle magazine would mean that my photo story would fit well in the magazine. I have seen examples of photo stories be published in this magazine, and I think the style of it would work well with my story of The Butterfly Garden. However, I have found that the stories published in The Observer are very text heavy, and as we have a word count limit of 400 on the module guide, I’m not sure this magazine would be appropriate.

The Sunday Times Magazine

The Sunday Times Magazine

The Sunday Times Readership

The Sunday Times have an all adult audience with a 49/51 split in terms of gender:

All Adults 1,766 3.38 100
Men 912 3.57 51.64
Women 854 3.19 48.36

As it’s a Sunday magazine, I expected the primary audience to be in the older generation, and the figures prove this:

Age Readership 000s Cover % Profile %
15-24 127 1.64 7.19
25-34 152 1.76 8.61
35-44 227 2.81 12.85
45-54 350 3.91 19.82
55-64 380 5.16 21.52
65+ 530 4.58 30.01

With 30% of the readers being made up of 65+ year old’s, I think this audience would work well for my story as it is a heartwarming, happy story. I also think this works well for a Sunday magazine as it is more relaxed as opposed to a story on a riot/ rally etc.

Much like the Observer magazine, the target audience is ABC1 adults which suggests a level of intellectualism as well as a disposable income. The magazine/ newspaper retails at £2.50 which while not extortionate is also not a free magazine such as a supermarket magazine.

Finally, the bulk of the readership is in the Midlands or the South & South East of England. This also works well considering my story is based in the Midlands, meaning that the audience is more likely to be interested in it.

Cotswold Life

Cotswold Life Website

Similarly to The Observer, Cotswold Life magazine is a lifestyle magazine. It publishes articles and photo stories on subjects including Home, Out & About, Food &Drink, People, Education and more. I think within these categories, there is a suitable one which my photo story would fit in.

Based on the advertisements and articles published in Cotswold Life, I would again say that the readership is in the older generation, however I think as this is a regional specific magazine, the audience may be more 50+ than 60+.

Readership Information:


The above information shows that the subscribers/readers of Cotswold Life tend to be married with a steady income of around £40,000 a year which would explain their disposable income and why they can afford to spend £43 on a subscription for 13 copies, or £3.99 per copy.  The readership suggest that they like to live a more luxurious lifestyle which would indicate that they too are in the ABC1 category. Finally, it says that their audience range is around 35-54, which is slightly younger than the other two magazines, and that their female- male ratio is 62%-38%.

Overall, I think that Cotswold Life would be the best option for my photo story. This is based on readership facts and figures. I think that the target audience for Cotswold Life would be appropriate for this kind of story. Equally, I think it would fit into multiple of the designated categories on their website.


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