AD4803 Studio – Colour Film

When I went into the studio on 27th Feb (Bog post about digital studio portraits), I also tried using colour film for the first time. I was using the Mamiya 645 with 120mm film which had an ISO of 160 as I was using it with flash and outside on a bright day.


The contact sheet of all the images I shot

Some images were considerably more successful than others. For example:

Oi Thats Wavey036Oi Thats Wavey033

These were my two most successful shots as they are correctly focused, whereas most of the others weren’t. I may have misjudged the shutter speed on the bottom image as the entire left side was black (both images have been cropped to 8×8 format). This suggests that the shutter was too fast as it hasn’t exposed for the whole time of the flash. This happened on a few of the images.

Most of the pictures weren’t focused so well:

Oi Thats Wavey039Oi Thats Wavey038

A similar thing happened in these images with regards to the shutter speed being too fast. Aside from that, in both of these pictures, the focus is on the wrong part. I had intended for the focus to be on the eyes; instead, I focused on the hair. I think next time I shoot/ when I shoot Brett, I won’t go so close to the subject as I find it more difficult to focus. I think next time I shoot colour film, I need to practice focusing mainly. I don’t think my use of studio lighting was too bad, and I liked the effect the lower key images had.

Oi Thats Wavey0300Oi Thats Wavey0310

These have both been cropped to 8×8 but have not been edited (the dust marks have been edited out of the most of the others). I think before I scan in my film the next time, I will use a blower tool to try and get rid of as much dust as possible to try and minimise time in post production. I don’t think the focus is so bad in these two images. The second image was taken by accident and the focus is on the subjects’ hands coincidentally. I would consider these low key images a success.

To use up the rest of the roll, I decided to shoot outside against a white wall as I am hoping to do part of my shoot with Brett outdoors. These are the images shot outside:

I prefer the images shot against the brick wall as there is more texture too them. As well as that, I prefer that you can see more colours. Therefore, I will try and shoot Brett against a brick wall as opposed to a plain white one. Other than that, the focus of all of these images is correct. This is somewhat reassuring as I won’t be shooting in an actual studio when I shoot with Brett.

Overall, I think this shoot was relatively successful and reassuring. On my next colour film shoot, I intend on using on location flash to practice and look at the effect it has on my film pictures. Once they have been developed, I will decide what kind of lighting I will use for my final shoot.

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