Ad4802 Photo Story – Shoot 3

I went back to The Butterfly Garden on Thursday 9th March to try and get more context shots to go along with the majority portrait shots I have so far. I used a Canon 70D and I took both a 50mm and  28mm lens with me. I switched between both lenses throughout the visit, using the 28mm for wider contextual shots and the 50mm for the shots of people.

These were some of the shots I took using the 28mm lens. I liked the lines in all of the images as they lead the eye to the centre. I think any of them would be good for an opening shot in both the magazine layout and the presentation. However, my favourite is the one on the left as the vibrant colours would make it more appealing for a potential audience. As well as this, it shows the recycling aspect of The Butterfly Garden. My settings varied throughout the day as it was so bright, and some images were taken indoors and some outdoors. This made it impossible to stick to one aperture and shutter speed setting.

In comparison, these were some contextual shots which weren’t so wide and don’t deliberately lead the eye to the centre of the image. I tried to show some more detailed areas of the garden which helps to show how big the project is. The top right image (crushed cans) I felt was important to add to the set because the main source of funding for the project comes from recycling various materials, including cans. I also think that the colours and reflections worked well.

Finally, when I was at the project, a volunteer informed me of a puppet show happening in one of the small halls and said I could attend it. I thought this would be a good opportunity to shoot the students looking happy and showing a sense of community in the centre.

I think that the overwhelming emotion being shown in all of the above pictures is happiness which is what I want to show in this photo story. I like that you can see passion in some of the pictures and the enthusiasm of the volunteers. Inside this building, I was shooting primarily with an aperture of 2.5 or 2.2, a shutter speed of 1/160 and an ISO of 100 with a 50mm lens. I like the out of focus background the 50mm lens gives in portraiture.

When I go back to The Butterfly Garden next week, I will try and shoot more shots of people together, both posed and un-posed to show the sense of community.

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