AD4802 Photo Story – Magazine Layout Analysis

Link to Top Design Layout

To try and decide the best layout, I have taken inspiration from some of the below magazine layouts. There are different features on each layout that I like and that I think will work well. As well as this, I need to consider the house style layout of Cotswold Life magazine, which is my chosen magazine to publish the photo story in.


I like that both of these images have used a full bleed on their opening page as this immediately immerses the reader into the photo story.  A key feature for both is the large font used for the title, as this informs the reader on the subject of the article. However, both don’t clearly explain the subject which would encourage the audience to actually read the article. I think this would be good for mine too. The title of my project is ‘The Butterfly Garden’ which would suggest an actual butterfly garden is the feature of the article. Therefore, I think the subject would surprise and encourage the audience to read the article and look at the images.
The top image includes a sub-heading which I think is useful in an article as again it provides the audience with more information on the subject of the story. Although I like the two tone text for the heading, I think that for my magazine layout, the black text would work better as it would be on a white background which makes it easier to read.


I like that this image takes up the two pages as it fully immerses the audience in the story. The above image as well as the first one divide the page into two using landscape. Although I like this and I think that its effective at drawing the eye from the left to the right of the image, most of my pictures are portraits meaning that for the most art, I will not be able to do that. The font used for the heading of this article matches the pattern seen in the structure on the page. I think this works well for continuity. Similarly, although the image is in black and white, there is a nod to colour in the form of yellow in some of the text. This makes key words stand out more, and may set the colour scheme for the rest of the photo story/ article. I hope to have a colour scheme in my final piece as I think it adds more continuity to the articles.


This article has used the same colour scheme of yellow on black and white. I like the use of the full bleed image on the left followed by the smaller images on the right. I personally prefer the full bleed on the single page as opposed to both as I think it gives the full bleed image more impact for the start of the photo story.  I think the smaller images help to break up the story. I also like the use of the pull quote on the left, however I think it would be better in the middle of the text which would help to break up the bulk of text and it won’t distract from the full bleed image.

Cotswold Life analysis

Layout 1


There seems to be a fair amount of white spacing on the articles from the magazine, as well as a white boarder on the images used. I think this may be to make the text easier to read, but also to make the layout seem less cluttered. I really like the three quarter image on the top layout, as it dominates the page and means that there is less need for more images which could make it look more cluttered. I tried to do this on my own layout, but as most of my images were portraits, it wasn’t successful. The bottom layout has included a sub-heading which as previously mentioned, I think is important for an article. Similarly to the example layouts, there seems to be a key colour used in the text which adds more colour to a more neutral page.

Heading for the gallops

I like the minimal text on this example from Cotswold Life as it makes the image the more obvious and arguable most important part of the page. I like that the image dominates the page, however I want a chance to use more than 3 images for my layout as I feel that the photo story needs it for the narrative. This image also uses a large letter to start the paragraph of the text. This helps to draw thee readers’ attention to the beginning of the text. The similar feature of a single colour being used as the key feature has been used again here, but this time, less obvious as it’s a pale grey.



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