AD4802 Photo Story – Reflective Evaluation

The original idea for this module was The Cheltenham Guardians. However, this fell through after two shoots. Instead, I shot at The Butterfly Garden which is a project for disabled people of all ages. I wanted to primarily tell the story of the people at the project as well as how it’s funded. I was surprised that I was allowed to photograph people who could be considered vulnerable. However, I was welcomed and most of the students and volunteers were happy for me to be there and to have their portraits taken.

For all 5 shoots I used a Canon 70D. For the first few shoots, I exclusively used a 50mm lens as I wanted portraits and I liked the depth of field and intimacy the lens allowed for. However, I also used a 28mm lens for wider, more contextual shots from the 3rd shoot onwards. The main difficulty I found was exposing correctly indoors as the 50mm had an aperture of 2.4. I tried to resolve this with flash but I couldn’t due to the disabilities of the students at the project. If I was given the opportunity to re-shoot, I would try to use a lens with an aperture of 1.4 to allow for more light for the indoor shots.

I decided to present the images in colour as most of them included vibrant colours which helped to show the positive feel of the place. I think my most successful shots are the portraits as I have become a lot more confident at approaching people.

I’m happy with the outcome of my slideshow as I think the audio effectively provides context to the chosen images. I decided to use a black background for the whole slideshow to make the colours seem more vibrant, as there is very little to no black in the series of images. I used the same audio to make up some of the text in my magazine layout. I think the text works well with the 6 images I chose to use as it helps the narrative. If I was to do the magazine layout again, I would do more research into the target magazine to help decide where to position text and images, as I found it difficult to find a layout that flowed well.


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