AD4802 Photo Story – Final Magazine Layout and Evaluation

Below is the link to my PDF of my magazine layout:

The Butterfly Garden PDF


Overall, I am happy with the outcome. I think it looks clean and sharp. I think that the full bleed image would fit in with my magazine of choice. I used a colour scheme of blues throughout the article as I had more images with that dominant colour. Looking back, I should’ve included this blue colour somewhere else, such as the sub-heading or the first letter of the text. Equally, I could’ve made the first letter larger than the rest, as this would’ve fitted in with the aesthetic of the magazine more. To add more authenticity, I could’ve added page numbers and the title of the magazine on the bottom, however I don’t think this was crucial to the overall look of the article. I think the bordering of the images is appropriate for the magazine of choice, and helps it to not look cluttered even though I have used 6 images (the maximum allowed on the module guide) on two A3 pages.

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