AD4803 Studio – Final Image choice

The brief for this module states that there must be four final printed images handed in along with text supporting them. I therefore had to decide which images worked best in a set, and why.

I had to decide what I wanted the hypothetical article and text to be about. For example, are the pictures about Brett and his journey into the UFC, or is it about the gym he trains in etc. I decided to make it more about the gym. This way, I was able to use images of both Brett and Ben; making my options for my final four shots wider.

I printed out what I considered my most successful images from both shoots so I could physically move them around to see which worked better together, as well as which images were more technically correct.

These were the images of Brett:

These were the images of Ben:

I think the technically best image from both sets is the below image:


However, after speaking with my lecturer, I think that this image seems a lot more posed than the others. I was going to include this within the four final photographs, but I think it would ‘throw off’ the set. This is primarily because of the angle it’s shot (it was actually shot from above, whereas all of the others were shot straight on).

I considered using both of these in my final four, as I thought the colour scheme worked well. However, particularly with the image on the left, there would be some debate as to whether it is considered a portrait. Even if it is, it’s not what would be considered traditional. For this reason, I decided not to include it. Equally, with the right hand image, while it’s more of a portrait I don’t feel that it is strong. The lighting isn’t as interesting as it is in some of the other options, and the focusing is off. However, I think that both of these image would be appropriate for my publication of choice (Men’s Health), but they would more likely be used as supporting pictures for the text as opposed to a full bleed/ leading image for the article.


I also considered using this. I really like the shadow being cast on the wall behind the subject. However I think it could’ve been executed a lot better. My main issue with this picture is the overexposure on my subjects’ stomach. I feel that it’s distracting from what should be the main feature; the shadow. I also feel that it wouldn’t fit in as well with the other images I’ve chosen.

I intended on using just one of these pictures because I feared that they were too similar. However, I think the lighting I have used is harsh and although neither image is completely sharp, I think they are two of the strongest images. I have therefore decided that I will use both in the final edit. As well as this, I think them being similar helps to make the set flow better.


I will also be using this image in my final four. This is primarily because it is sharp and I think the direct eye contact with the camera is intimidating and would fit in with the style of Men’s Health. My intention was always to have a shadow cast on the back wall to the left of the subject. However, I think if I were to re-shoot now, I would position my subject slightly further away from the wall for a less harsh shadow.


This is the last image in the final four. I think that this image works better with the overall set because of the positioning of my subject. As well as this, he’s in a gym environment. This will support the text required to be handed in with the images. I was going to exclude this picture as the focus isn’t very good. While this is disappointing, I don’t feel that it’s too distracting from the rest of the image.

My final four images are:






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