AD4803 Studio – Supporting Text

Supporting text for the final four portraits

Brett Johns, the first Welsh MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter to be accepted into the UFC is in the best shape of his life as he prepares for his second fight of his UFC career. He shocked the world with his debut appearance in November, winning by unanimous decision against Kwan Ho Kwak. Johns is rapidly gaining fans around the globe because of his undefeated 13-0 fight record and powerful grappling techniques. Brett told the UFC that it was “A dream come true” to fight in the cage, which is only confirmed by his emotional UFC acceptance video going somewhat viral.

Johns trains in Chris Rees’ Academy (CRA) in Swansea; A club that is swamped with up and coming talent in the MMA world. Ben Miles, a gold medal winner in the British BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) championships 2016 is currently training six days a week to work his way into more title fights. Ben’s training regime usually includes bag work, rowing, running, as well as frequently sparring with fellow members of the CRA.  A few days after a unanimous decision win on a Flyweight Bantam Weight title, I joined him on one of his training sessions. This constant effort to better his techniques leaves both Ben and Chris (owner of CRA) hopeful that he will be the third Welsh fighter in the UFC and the second fighter to achieve this level in their career from the CRA.


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