AD4803 Street – Shoot 5

On Saturday 2nd May I returned to Cardiff to shoot for the final time. This time I was hoping to get more shots of children as I found the last shoot successful for this. I would consider this shoot overall unsuccessful as I didn’t ask many people. I found that my confidence in approaching potential subjects was the biggest issue. As a result, I didn’t get many good shots:



I struggled a lot with lighting and using flash effectively as I had done in my other shoots. The lighting changed constantly from overcast to sunshine which made it difficult to find good settings that worked and sticking to them. I used Rhona, my classmate a lot to test lighting before approaching subjects, but we split up to shoot individually. By the time I approached a potential subject, the lighting had changed so the settings didn’t work as well.


These were shot using varying shutter speeds, apertures and ISO’s try and make the background darker than the subject. These were my test shots before I tried to take pictures of members of the public.

The first subject I asked was the parents of two young boys. I liked the idea of brothers having a portrait taken together, but one boy didn’t want to; so I took a single portrait instead:


ISO: 160 / Aperture: 18 / Shutter speed: 1/200

I took 2 shots, but this was probably the more successful one as I think the flash worked better. I think my framing was good as it’s the same as all of the adult portraits I’ve shot, but I don’t think the subject stands out from the background as much as they do in other portraits.


ISO: 160 / Aperture: 16 / Shutter speed: 1/200

This portrait is underexposed even though I used flash. This is because I had a high aperture of 16 when I usually use an aperture of 10-13. I had set up my settings before and moved locations before taking this picture, meaning that the existing settings were wrong for the more shadowed area.  I took four photos of this subject to try and get it right, but the others were either too dark because the flash didn’t go off, or too bright because I used too high an aperture:

I did shoot in RAW so I think if necessary these could be saved. However, I think I have a lot stronger images to use in my final edit of 20 from previous shoots.


ISO: 160 / Aperture: 11 / Shutter speed: 1/200

Lighting wise, this was probably one of the most successful images of the day. The flash worked well and makes the subject stand out more from the darker background. However, I don’t like the pose the subject is doing as I think it makes the image feel more cheesy. As well as this, I think the people in the background are a little distracting in the frame.


ISO: 160 / Aperture: 14 / Shutter speed: 1/200

I think this works well. I like the positioning of the subject in the frame, and despite not usually liking my subjects to pose flamboyantly, I think it adds to the overall image in this case. I think my overall framing and positioning of the subject in the location could’ve been better as the background is a little cluttered, but overall I think the flash and aperture settings worked well in this photograph.


ISO: 160 / Aperture: 11 / Shutter speed: 1/200

This is my personal favourite photograph of the day, as I think the subject is the most interesting one. As well as this, I haven’t stopped anyone who looks similar to this in the whole time I’ve been shooting this project. I think the positioning of the subject within the frame is successful as it’d fit in with the other images in the series. I also think the negative space in the background makes the picture more impacting as she is the only person in the frame which means the audience wouldn’t be distracted by anything else.


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