AD4803 Street – Making a Final Edit

Having completed my final shoot, I now have to edit almost 80 portraits to a final 20, and then a final 6 which will be printed out to hand in. The editing down process has been tough because I have a lot of portraits that I am happy with. Another difficulty I have found in creating an edit is that the lighting in some of the stronger images are significantly different to others as I haven’t done any post production on them yet. This means that I will have to try and use post production to make them more similar, so the narrative flows better.

Firstly, I printed out all potential finals which totalled at 40. I then laid them all out on the floor and chose my personal favourites. After selecting around 28, I asked my flat mates and some classmates opinions on any that I should take out or swap out for some that I didn’t think were as strong. I ended up with this:


As seen in the image above, I then started to chose a potential final six with the help of the people that were there. Ideally in both sets (set of 20 and set of 6) I wanted to have an equal number of each gender. This proved difficult as I found that I had photographed more men than women.

This is the first potential set of six images to be printed:


We chose these because it included some of my personal favourites and what I and others considered to be my strongest images (mainly the little girl in the middle). As well as this, I had 2 men, 2 women and 2 children. This equalled out gender and age range too which gives more of a narrative. I felt that I couldn’t include the image of a child without another child in the set because it would look out of place. Another feature I liked about the set is that they all include elements of red which tie them in more and again, provide more of a narrative.

After that, I started to play around with the arrangement and ordering of the images:


I liked that 2 of the subjects had skateboards, however I felt that they needed to be separated to not make them seem too similar. I decided to use the Dr Who style character in the set as I think he provides a more extrovert personality which isn’t as noticeable in the rest of the series. I thought it was important to ensure that the children were together in the set, and I thought to make it more equal, a male and female portrait either side of them would work well. The darker backgrounds in the first and last images made me think that they would work better to open and close the set. However, as previously mentioned, none of these images have been through post production. Therefore, I will be trying to brighten the backgrounds to make them seem more part of the series.

Although I have produced this final edit, I have one class left. I will take my final edit and ask others’ opinions on it to see if they agree/disagree and I will change the edit accordingly as well as update my blog.


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