AD4803 Street – Final 20

As shown in a previous blog, I printed out all of the potential images for the final edit of 20, and compared them to each other. I selected the 40 based on the most interesting characters and the best exposure and use of flash.


With the help of class mates, I chose 20 and started to narrow down an edit of 6 for prints.

Along with the help of different class mates, I tried to create an order of my final 20 images.  I tried to order them based on colours in the images and backgrounds. In some images, I also considered specific features in each image. For example, I didn’t want to have 3 men of the same age with beards together etc. I also tried to not have too many men or women next to each other in a row, as I think this would risk the series being less interesting.

These are the 20 images and the explanation behind the reason for choosing them.

The First Four:

The first image is one of my favourites of the series, and I would argue one of the strongest aesthetically and technically. I like the grey tones in it with the hint of red. As well as this, the floor in the picture is the same as the floor in the following 3, and the background is the same as the fourth which makes them link together more. The slight hint of red leads onto the second and third images, making them flow more as a series. The second and third images are also both of children. As there are only two images of children in the final 20, I thought it was important to keep them together otherwise I thought it would look out of place. Again, the background in the two images of children is almost the same which makes them seem better together. The use of the more open background in the first two pictures gives the audience a break from the more crowded background which could seem overwhelming if several of these were put next to each other. Finally, in the last photo, the subject is wearing a grey jumper in almost the exact same pattern of the first, again adding another link to the first and fourth.

The Second Four

The first of these for continues the hint of red from the previous four, linking them again, As well as this, the floor in all of these is the same which gives them another level of continuity.  Including these four, all of the photographs in the series so far alternate female to male which gives it more of a pattern and structure as well as more variety. The second of this four has hints of red again, continuing this theme which is followed by reds in the final 2 images of this set. The final 3 in this set of four have similar backgrounds as they’re shot in the same location. The use of three men with beards (including the last image of the first four) split up by feminine women gives the audience a break as I think it potentially could’ve been samey and overwhelming.  I also like the contrast between young and old of the older lady between the two young men. I think this helps to show diversity in the set.

The Third Four

Again, the background in the first image leads on from the previous one as it’s very similar, but its also more cluttered which works better after the breather. There are brown tones in the woman’s outfit which lead on from the brown in the jacket in the image before. The following 3 images are the first consecutive of the same gender in the series. Because of this, I tried to show 3 very different types of people. Again, I split up the beard by placing a woman before. The brown in the man’s jacket leads on from the previous 2 images well colour wise, and the background is less cluttered. To add a bit more colour, I included the young man. This also adds more variety of age to this four. Leading on from this, the last man in this series has the monument in the background (acting as a halo) which is seen in fragmented parts in other images in the set. The floor is the same as a lot of the others too which gives more continuity again. I like the variety of materials in this four as it provides more contrast. E.g. one in a leather-like skirt, some in jeans, one in a tracksuit etc.

The Fourth Four

The varying of textures continues in this set which leads on from the previous four. The background in the first image here is more clear than the previous image which gives the audience a break from more interesting backgrounds. Again, the background by this point would be recognisable from the rest of the series.  I included a woman next to split up the run of men. As well as this, the background and floor are different which keeps the audience more interested before returning to the previous location. The red/brown tones start to be repeated in this image too, and are supported by the following 2 images of men. In the third image, the monument seen 3 pictures previous in whole is seen again but this time fragmented. This re-iterates the location and again gives the series more continuity. Finally , the last image here has more red tones, linking it back to the first few photographs in the series, and it has a more full background after more empty spaces in the two previous pictures.

The Fifth (and final) Four

I was debating including the first image in this set because it’s background was different to any of the others. However, I felt that the image was too strong not to include. Leading on from the previous image, the image of the woman splits up 3 men. It follows the hinting of red because of her hair, but also introduces a cooler tone because of the reflective floor and blue denim jacket. To try and make it flow, the next two images have the same floor as the first image, but it’s dry. This creates a slight element of continuity. The red tones are repeated again in the scarf of the next boy, and the inclusion of a boy in the final four splits up what would’ve been 3 women. The two middle images also have the same background which includes more negative space. I felt it important that the lady in the Welsh flag dress was last for a few reasons. Firstly, because it seemed more of an anomaly. It was more vibrant and different than most of the other pictures in the set. As well as this, the background was slightly darker and the floor/location was different. However, I thought the dress was important to show the Welsh passion which isn’t so obvious in the other 19 pictures. I thought it would be good to include it to close the set.

The final 20:


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